I have regulated the rent incorrectly - what do I do?

If you have added the wrong amount or the wrong date when you set up your rent regulation, you can easily fix this under Rent on the relevant tenancy.

In the example below, the rent has wrongfully been regulated to +500 kr. from August 1st. To correct the amount and/or the date, you click Regulate rent.


1. You want to correct the amount

When you have clicked Regulate rent, you will see the current rent. Here you can correct the amount on the chosen date (in this example the rent should be regulated +600 kr. to 8100 kr.). You complete the regulation by clicking Regulate rent.


Your new regulation will now overwrite the old regulation. 

If you regulate an amount, you should beware that all future payments will follow this regulation.

If you change the amount back to the original, the information about the rent regulation will disappear from the overview.


2. You want to change the date of the regulation

If you wish to change the date of the regulation (e.g. from September to August) you click Regulate rentmceclip3.png

Firstly you make sure to choose the wrongfully added date (in this case September) and change the rent back to the original. This way you 'reset' the regulation. You then click Regulate rent to save the changes.


Now you can add a new rent regulation by clicking Regulate rent like before.

Add the correct date from when the regulation should take effect (e.g. August) and the correct amount of the rent regulation (here from 7500 kr. to 8100). 


After you click Regulate rent the information will be visible in your overview.


* Remember to always inform the tenant about the rent regulation yourself, cf. the Danish rent act (Lejeloven). Your tenant will not automatically be informed about the regulation through BoligPortal.

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