Why choose to live in a collective- and how does it work?

Today we experience more and more people choosing to live in some kind of collective. It can be adults, who choose to live together with their parents, young people living together in an apartment while studying, elderly people missing company, rainbow families or couples, who are friends - all sharing their everyday life with each other.

The reasons for choosing the collectiveare many, but it is natural that a long time focus on the individual now is replaced with a countertrend with focus on engaging in communities.

In todays collectives you can of course practise your own interests and choose your time alone, but still get the advantages from the collective: a healthier economy, community helping on loneliness, a helping hand to make the evereday life come together and care for children and grandparents, who can also benefit from each other.

All people choosing to live in a collective are different: For some it is important, that the children have others of the same age to play with. Other people care about growing their own vegetables, while yet others are living as an extended family eating together, playing games and function as a unit of different people enjoying the best sides of the community.