How do I start a collective?

If you want to start a collective it is first and foremost important to make up thoughts about what kind of collective you wish to etabslish.

  • How many occupants is ideal?
  • Should the occupants share interests or rather be devoted to different things?
  • How should daily duties be divided and taken care of?
  • Is there any special values (e.g. people or environment) which the occupants should share?

When you have an idea about, what kind of collective you would like, another important question arises: Where should you live?

It is of course essential that the place you choose can frame the collective you wish: If you dream about having your own hens and kitchen garden it is of course not a luxury flat in the inner city you should look for. Additionally, the place of course needs to be big enough to accomodate the number of people, you wish to share your everyday life with. 

Maybe you have inherited your parents farm. Maybe you need to find a rented accommodation, which you can share with your future roommates.

If you do not already know the persons, you imagine living with in the collective, it is good idea to get to know your potential roommates before moving in together. Make sure, that you have aligned your expectations to community vs. time alone, housekeeping, duties, guest etc.

Enjoy your collective!