How do I set up a rent collection through BoligPortal?

On BoligPortal you have the opportunity to set up an automatic rent collection through MobilePay or balance your collection of rent manually through bank transfers.

You can set up a rent under each rentable or click on Rent in the sidebar.

1. When you have chosen/typed in the correct address of the rentable, you click on Setup rent.


*If you already have a tenancy on the relevant rentable, remember to choose the person/persons in the menu in top of the page before continuing.



2. You then have to choose if you want to set up the rent collection automatically through MobilePay or use BoligPortal to balance the rent collection manually through bank transfers.

*If you do not have the opportunity to choose MobilePay, make sure that you have connected your MobilePay business account to BoligPortal. Read more about how to do this here.

3. Type in the different amounts you are collecting as rent and as a part of the rent e.g. water and heating, resident representation and insert the date for the first automatic rent collection.

*Remember! If the tenant already has paid the rent for the first month eg. when signing the contract, insert the following month instead.



4. Finish by typing in the tenant information if the tenant not already has been chosen in the top menu.

Remember to insert e-mail and/or phone number when choosing MobilePay as type of payment, since the tenant will receive an e-mail/sms with registration to the payment agreement with MobilePay.



5. Afterwards click on Save rent setup..., double-check that you have typed in the correct information and confirm your choice.

6. Your rent is now set up.

*If you have chosen rent collection through MobilePay, your setup is not finished untill your tenant approved the payment agreement in MobilePay.

When the tenant has approved the payment agreement with MobilePay, you will receive a message on e-mail or phone (if chosen) and thereafter the rent will automatically be collected every month.

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