How do I search for a new home?

How to make a search: 


If you have already registered on BoligPortal,make sure that you are logged in to your profile. Then simply enter the postcode or city you want to live in.  




You can now do a search among the various rentables. You can narrow your search using the filters found on the left side. This way, you will only see the properties that are relevant to you.  


Contact the landlord: 


To be able to contact the landlords, you must have an active subscription to BoligPortal. You can read more about what that means here.  


Once you have created a subscription, you will be able to see either a phone number or/and to write a message to the landlord through the orange button ‘Contact’.


Create a Search agent 

You can save searches and have us send you an email with new properties that match your saved searches. This service is free of charge and is called Search agent.

You do this by clicking on the small button.  




You can save all the Search agents you want.


Where do I find / delete my Search agent?  You can find your Search agents by clicking on your profile picture in the right corner and then on ‘Search agents’.  



Here you will be able to see and delete your Search agents.