Why am I not able to contact the landlord?

If you have found an ad through Google or a similar search engine, then the ad may not be active anymore. Google wants to give the most precise search result, and sometimes does so at the expense of the most recent results.

If the orange button Contact is not available, and the top of the ad says This ad is currently not available it is unfortunately not possible to contact the landlord, since the ad is either rented out or reserved.


BoligPortal removes the ad automatically when the rental is marked as rented out. Therefore it is no longer possible to search for the ad directly on the webpage. Unfortunately, we are not able to remove links to the ad from other medias and platforms.

We recommend that you search for your new rental directly on boligportal.dk. This way you will automatically avoid all the rentals that are marked as rented out.

*Remember that you also need to have an active subscription to contact landlords on BoligPortal. 

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