It's difficult to find a home - What can I do better?

Finding a new home oftenrequires patience and hard work. If you feel like it is taking too long, you may want to keep reading...

It’s important that you take some time to assess what your needs and wishes for a new home are. Once you know what is need-to-have and what’s nice to have, you can:

- make specific search criteria that will help you find the properties that are specifically interesting to you

- contact only those landlords whose properties match your criteria

Especially that last one is important: The landlord compares your profile to his/her property to see if it is actually a good match.

However, you should also think carefully about what your needs are, compared to what your wishes are. You improve your chances significantly, if you search a little wider in terms of location, size, number of rooms, rent, etc. Maybe it’s more important to have two rooms than to live right in the centre of the city, or maybe you’re fine with a one bedroom apartment, if it is close to work?

The wider the search, the more opportunities you have.

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