Good advice on your search for property

At BoligPortal, we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe search for your next home. We have some advice for you:

Be careful:

- when the ad is in Danish but you are contacted in English. This may be sign of a scam

- when you receive a text message from a landlord without the sender’s phone number. It may be a text sent from a website

- when the landlord wants you to sign the lease agreement right away



- never pay money under the table. It is illegal, and it is impossible to have your money back. Make a bank transfer that can be traced

- never pay rent, safety deposit, or prepaid rent using online services such as Western Union, TNT or Transpact



- always get a lease agreement

- read the lease agreement thoroughly, before you sign it

- in case of suspicion, you can check who owns the property on

- if you are subleasing, make sure the person who owns the property knows and accepts that you are subleasing it. In case of any conflicts, this puts you in a better position