Why am I not getting a reply from the landlord?

Many landlords receive a lot of inquiries especially in the larger cities, and they therefore usually first answer those who have sent them the best application. It is therefore quite normal that it takes up to 10-14 days before you get a response from the landlord. If you often write messages such as “When can I see the home?” Or “I am interested ”, you unfortunately often experience a longer waiting period than those who adapt the inquiry specifically to the property listed.  

In general you can improve your chances by: 

  • actively using your search profile to capture the landlord's interest 
  • Adjust your requirements so you are more open to finding something smaller or cheaper 
  • Insert a profile picture on your profile
  • Write a catchy application for landlord

It is easier for the landlord to choose you as their new tenant if you give them an impression of you to start from. It is therefore often important to both fill in the profile and write a catchy application directly to the landlord.  

Your chances of getting a quick response from the landlord can also be affected by the way you search.

Your search can be improved if:

  • You only make contact on rentals that match your search. We experience for example that it is not beneficial to contact a landlord regarding a rental costing 5800 kr., if you have stated on your profile that you can pay a maximum of 5000 kr.
  • You read the ad thoroughly and avoid asking questions that are already stated in the ad.

In addition many landlords gather the inquiries for some time before selecting some they invite for viewing, which can also have an impact on when you get a response.