Do I need an ad in order to find a tenant?

You can easily rent out your property without an ad. Instead you have to use our “Search for tenants” function.

Once you have found an interesting tenant you just click on the blue button 'Contact tenant '.You will now be asked to sign in as an existing user or create a new user.

Now it is time to enter the property address. If you previously have had an ad at BoligPortal you can select an existing address. If not you can create a new one by choosing “Choose…”.

In both cases the potantial tenants are not provided with the address or contact information. The potantial tenant can only see the street name and the text you have written in the text box. The full address is only available for us and you so you can keep track of various leases.

Remember that you must register as an existing user, if you have previously used our website to find a tenant or a place to live.