How do I write a good application?

If you find it difficult to get a reply from landlords and get invited to viewings, here are some good advice on how to improve your chances:

Think about whether or not the property you are applying for actually match criteria and if meet the landlord’s requirements for a new tenant. When looking at your application, the landlord will also see your profile. If the rent of the property exceeds the budget you have indicated or if you have a pet but are applying for a property where pets are not allowed, chances are, the landlord is not going to choose you. The same goes for you and your friends, if you apply for a property that is not suited for sharing.

Think of your property search much like the process of looking for a job: Your profile is your resume, and together with a personal and motivated application, it has to show the landlord that you are the right tenant.

Landlords usually start by contacting those candidates which he or she sees as potential tenants – usually those who have presented themselves well from the start. Therefore, short and anonymous inquiries in which you only ask questions or ask the landlord to call you, often get pushed back in line. A captivating description of yourself improves the chances of an invitation to a viewing. It is a good idea to write a little about yourself: Do you have a fixed income, are you planning to stay in the property for a long time, do you have pets, do you smoke, do you play an instrument, etc.

Are you looking for the same as everyone else? Search as widely as possible, both in terms of geography, rent and size of the property, or start with a sublease while you look for the right long term place. Be realistic about your needs, so you get a wider range of offers and contact landlords with properties in less high demand.

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