Is it safe to look for a home on BoligPortal?

At BoligPortal, we have a wide range of procedures to ensure that you can find a new home under safe conditions. All ads are validated manually to ensure that property and the person behind the ad is real. Even though we put a great effort into this, we encourage you to take caution if you experience the following:


The dialogue:

  • If a landlord contacts you in English but the ad text is in Danish.
  • If the landlord immediately try to take the dialogue away from BoligPortal´s message system by referring to an e-mail address which you have to contact instead.
  • If you receive a SMS where there is a name instead of a phone number.


Viewing and contract:

  • Do not transfer money, and do not sign the contract until you have seen the property.
  • Always read the lease and check that verbal agreements are in writing too.
  • If you are not sure whether you are in contact with the real landlord of the property, you can always find out who owns the property. You can do this on
  • Be extra careful if the landlord wants to sign the lease immediately.
  • If subleasing it is a good idea to make sure that the owner of the property knows about the subleasing. In case of any conflicts between the owner and the persons who sublet the property to you, you will have a better case.
  • When you sign the contract, you should ensure that you will have a moving in inspection of the property. Here you will be able to point out the deficiencies in the lease to the landlord. As a supplement to or replacement of this, you should always give written notice to the landlord about the deficiencies of the lease within 14 days of occupancy. When you are moving out you are this way protected against liability for past mistakes and shortcomings that were already present at the occupation.



  • Never pay money under the table. It is illegal and you have no legal rights in case of a refund.
  • Never pay the deposit in cash. Instead you should make a bank transfer. This way it is possible to trace the transaction.
  • Never pay rent, security deposit or prepaid rent through online payment services as Western Union or similar, as the transactions cannot be reversed.