How can I highlight my ad? – professional landlord

You have three options if you want to highlight your rental ad to make it more visible to the potential tenants:

  • A top ad costs 349 kr. If you buy this, your ad will be shown in the top of the search results for 14 days.
  • An open ad costs 449 kr. If you buy this, everyone who is interested - both with and without paid access to BoligPortal- will be able to contact you for the next 14 days.
  • An exposure ad costs 1.499 kr. If you buy this, you will get both a top and an open advertisement. Furthermore, your ad will also be shared on Facebook for the next 14 days, it will be visible on similar ads in the same area, the ad will be in the BoligAgent-emails from the same area and it is also shown in nearby areas.


Which highlight should I choose?

  • The top ad is in particularly relevant for you, if you are renting out in one of the larger cities. Larger cities often mean more leases and with this top ad, you make sure that your ad is visible for the interested parties.
  • The open ad is particularly relevant for you who rent out in areas where the demand for properties is lower.
  • The exposure ad is particularly relevant for you who would like to be seen by as many as possible. If you have trouble to rent out your lease, we recommend that you choose this one.


How do I highlight my ad?

You highlight your ad by going to "My Properties" when you are logged into BoligPortal. Select the ad you want to highlight and then click "Highlight your listing".